Pitch, Learn and Get Funding

Yesterday, we hosted a live pitch session on our Zoom event, allowing startup founders to come up with their original pitches and practice their elevator pitches live on our show. Each attendee was given two minutes to finish their elevator pitch.

The Zoom session is hosted by Anshuman Sinha, co-founder of Startup Steroid.

“We’ll have pitching sessions every second and last Friday of every month. You should raise your hand to start practicing your elevator pitch. There’ll be a clock ticking in front of your screen to help you know how much time you’re taking to complete your pitch. You’ll get two minutes to finish your elevator pitch. Once you complete your pitch, we’ll take a look at it and give our crucial feedback on the same,” says Anshuman Sinha.

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Lily Meng is the first to come up with her elevator pitch. She is the CEO and Co-founder of Co-Carting.Com. Our mentor listens to her pitch carefully, then asks if she misses out on any crucial points.

For the benefit of startup founders, we’ve curated special pitching referral content in which all essential pointers that should be in your elevator pitch are presented in bullet points. You can check the image below for reference.

Her presentation was nice, but our mentor Anshuman Sinha asked her to be a little more careful next time while introducing her startup—Cocarting.com—if it’s not pronounced carefully, many people might consider it go-carting!

Next, we hear Sandip Patel, who presents his elevator pitch and introduces his startup, DoctHub, an exclusive job and career portal for healthcare professionals. Our expert suggests that he bring out numbers during live pitches as it can help captivate the attention of angel investors during pitching events.

Also, Pavel Podoprigorin, CEO, and Co-founder of Skyrex.Io join us from Dubai. He speaks about his startup and how he integrates new technologies like AI and Machine Learning into his business. Our expert advises him to bring more passion and enthusiasm while speaking about his startup because that’s how you can connect with angel investors better.

Many more startup founders, including Ayan Mandal, Ajesh Saklecha, Tim Vosburgh, also present their elevator pitches, and our expert critically evaluates them, giving valuable solutions to make these pitches more impactful and captivating.

Overall, it is an exciting zoom pitching session, and around 50 startup founders join the show, practicing their elevator pitches and sharing their thoughts and concerns with us. It is an interactive and learning session for everyone who attends the show.

Key Takeaways from the Startup Pitching Zoom Session:

Master Your Elevator Pitch: The session emphasizes the importance of crafting a compelling elevator pitch that concisely communicates the essence of your startup. Keep it clear, concise, and engaging to capture investors’ attention within the first two seconds.

Practice, Practice, Practice: Regularly practice your pitch to refine your delivery and build confidence. The more you practice, the better you’ll be able to present your startup’s value proposition and attract potential investors.

Time Management: Two minutes may seem short, but it’s essential to manage your time effectively during the pitch. Be mindful of the clock and ensure that you cover all key points within the allotted time.

Pronunciation Matters: Pay attention to how you pronounce your startup’s name and other crucial terms. Clear pronunciation avoids confusion and ensures that your message comes across accurately.

Numbers Speak Volumes: Incorporate relevant data and statistics into your pitch to back up your claims and impress angel investors. Tangible numbers can strengthen your credibility and make your pitch more persuasive.

Infuse Passion and Enthusiasm: Show genuine passion for your startup when presenting your pitch. Investors are not only interested in your idea but also in your dedication and enthusiasm for making it a reality.

Be Open to Feedback: Embrace feedback from experienced mentors and experts. Their insights can help you identify areas for improvement and refine your pitch for future opportunities.

A successful pitch goes beyond just seeking funding; it’s about effectively conveying your vision and passion to potential investors who can share in your entrepreneurial journey. Continuously refine and tailor your pitch to resonate with different audiences and increase your chances of securing the necessary support for your startup’s growth.

In Conclusion

The startup pitching Zoom session proves to be an invaluable platform for aspiring entrepreneurs and startup founders. Through passionate pitches and expert feedback, founders hone their presentation skills and learn the art of connecting with potential investors. The event showcases the power of practice and the significance of a well-crafted elevator pitch.

As these determined entrepreneurs continue their journey, armed with newfound knowledge and a growing network, they can confidently navigate the upcoming challenges with confidence and secure the necessary funding that they need to turn their visions into reality.

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